Word Find and Replace Special Characters

http://lawofficesolution.com/ Use MS Word’s advanced find and replace feature to remove extra white space (non printing characters) from a Word 2007 document that contains text converted from another file format. Remove paragraph marks, spaces, non breaking spaces, hard spaces, etc.

Law Office Solution provides software training, webinars, and Word templates and macros for law firms. We specialize in helping legal professionals get the most benefit from MS Word for the least amount of…

13 thoughts on “Word Find and Replace Special Characters

  1. Wow thaanks but this is too much. i found and easier way : on the top menu click on home then on the paragraph section uncheck it. that is simple. at least it works for me

  2. @oShoeman I've never used Word Mac but I understand it's pretty close to Word on a PC once you get into the program. I found some articles online but each time I try to post a link I get an error message from YouTube, so I will just tell you what I see:

    Do Ctrl+H or Edit, Find. The dialog box comes up like mine EXCEPT there is just a down arrow rather than a MORE button. Click that and see if the rest is the same.

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