What is Dasha Balance at Birth? using MS Excel

To download the excel sheet I used in this video please click this link: http://www.astroekdk.com/downloads/

Remember the good old days of hand written horoscopes you found a line saying “the balance of dasha is Mars Dasha 5 years 8 months and 14 days? Have you wondered what this is. Most of you may already know what this means but do you know how to calculate this? If you do not and you wanted to know why then this video is a must for you. Please leave your comments and feedback in the…

27 thoughts on “What is Dasha Balance at Birth? using MS Excel

  1. THank you Sir Dhilip ji…u have given so much info in your video with Kapiel that i keep hearing and keep learning…pls keep doing ur good work and God bless u..
    Your info on 7th lord of natal and its situation in D9 and its indication of Spouse is dot on..
    kindly keep teaching us.
    pls also tell me how to get Deepa Diary as Mahurtam is really time consuming..so this software will be very helpful..Kindly advise…take care and my sincere salute to you and your knowledge and unconditional efforts to guide us…there are many who just come and talk but nothing concrete …but u just give and give…Thank you again…

  2. Thank you sir. I have very basic knowledge in this. I got concept of finding balance of mahadasha which is depending on moon position. But my confusion is how to know moon position where exactly for a person on his star.

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  4. i am not in a possition to exel sheet as it is having more calculation so send the exel sheet to by mail date of birth 03/02/1946 i want to know balance starting which comes to ketu dhass. send exel sheet to my mail "rahhusarma4@gmaim.com to EK DHIP KUMAR PLEASE

  5. Hi dilip sir please slove my query as I am very confused over this. Suppose 8th lord is placed in 12th but is also dibilated. And is also getting aspected by the lord of 12th . So should the dibilitated planet be strengthened by wearing its gemstone? I saw a kundli like this and was unable to suggest anything.

  6. One Astrologer told me ill die at 29 age, is tat true?
    Now No money, No job , No peace of mind, my life becomes Question mark,
    Crying daily , suffering a lot , wat bad deeds i did? i dont know &
    finally i went to one astrologer he told me tat at the age of 29 ill
    die, is tat true? help me god 23–09-1989, time: 07.45am, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, india.

  7. Sir – sometimes I find it very difficult to take a decision when a job offer turns up but I cannot take that because it is a Permanent job and pays me less, but personally I want a contract job which pays me more but may not have job security. who should I turn to for advice? unfortunately, the astrologers i have access to, could not answer my questions and hard to find a reliable astrologer now a days and always had to settle for somebody who has some adequate knowledge if not the best. You have any solution for these type of queries sir? I am really looking forward to hear from you!!!

  8. Sir – please can you spend a bit more time in your videos on the context, the currentness, whether it is applicable only at the birth time or its impact at a later time. I am a beginner, sometimes find it difficult to connect to the context and its relevance on my horoscope. Many thanks in advance sir!

  9. hello sir .. all your videos are very good…
    can you do complete analyses of all planets in different houses in lagana.. and conjunction videos like moon and rahu or Venus or ketu.. in different houses in different lagna

  10. hello I am just starting my education in vedic astrology and am uncertain about Saturn and Jupiter effects in transits since I have both planets in same house. Does the effects of a certain planet become stronger in the house it shares with other planets ?

  11. Wow!! Your video on krs was truly so so wonderful! Watched it 2 times. Your eyes sparkle when you talk about astrology and the sheer animation with which you talk truly made my day!

  12. hello sir, u have told in kapiel Raj's video about childless ness, my fiancee have Saturn Venus and mercury 1_7 axis in navamsha, pls tel me remedy or shal I come back from the commitment?

  13. Hello sir i'm a big fan of your articles it's so satisfying at the end i found myself reading your articles all day and night especially your article about experiences in astrology it's mind blowing and articles regarding karma and efforts. sir i'm still a 3rd year engineering student i dont know why i have this burning desire to become master in astrology i end up watching your videos even night before my exams i asked my father that i wanted to consult you unfortunately everything ended up in vain. sir i genuinely want to become a astrologer even my horscope says that mercury playing an important role
    my dob 15-11-1996 2-43 AM birthplace BHADRAVATHI INDIA
    i'm using jagannatha hora software predicting all my things but im unable to conclude i'm damn sure that one day im going to meet you i want become your favourite student i'm learning all the astrological things very quickly im getting it very easily, all the concepts sir plzz say that which is suitable for me business or job or to become an astrologer

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