Vlookup in MS Excel

In this tutorial I will demonstrate the use of Vlookup in MS Excel for Mac. However, the Vlookup is the same in all versions of Excel so you can use it in any Excel. The demonstration will also include a small demo for the Data Validation option in Excel, particularly for the lists in the Data Validation. Hope you will enjoy it.

18 thoughts on “Vlookup in MS Excel

  1. Excellent, thank you.  It works when the data I want is in the same worksheet, although I want to look up from another worksheet but it brings back an error – not sure why.  Any ideas?

  2. Thanks for the video. Just some critical feedback – 10 minutes is way too long for a tutorial on a single function in excel. You could cut this to 2 by just quickly defining the parameters of the vLookup function and showing how it works in the example. Would cut out all of the other generic excel information

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