The oldest Microsoft Office for Windows

A short insight into the first version of Microsoft Office for Windows. Microsoft Office 3.0 (or Microsoft Office 1992) contained MS Excel 4.0, MS PowerPoint 3.0 and MS Word 2.0c. You can see how the earliest MS Office programms looked like. How were their user interfaces and functionalities.

I highly recommended you to watch this video on fullscreen mode in HD.

Audio: Wolfram Spyra – Bird on the wire


47 thoughts on “The oldest Microsoft Office for Windows

  1. Oh man. I can remember using that program. We have all been consigned to the digital graveyard now. Time and technology have passed us by. We only have the dim dark cold and lonely digital desert. Thanks for the music.

  2. "You can see how the earliest MS Office programms looked like" … ah, as "A Testerman" pointed out below, you'd have to boot-up a a Mac to see that. These programs ALL came out on Mac 1st. Windows has always been a knock-off of the Mac… from Day 1.

  3. This was not the first version of Office for Windows, that was 'The Microsoft Office for Windows', which came out in 1990. A Mac version came out just before that. It had Word 1.1, Excel 2.0 and PowerPoint 2.0. Two updates followed before Office 3.0 came out. Office 2.0 was Mac only.

  4. Hey this is what the machine at my job still run on. As i dont know mutch about this, all i get is blue screen, with everything else white. Letters,lines,number, … (Old machine i guess). It seems to run on commando's.

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