Stylizing MS Word for Screenplay Format Part 1

This is Part 1 of the formatting tutorial. It shows how to incorporate your ‘F’ keys into your Word document to allow you to format your screenplay faster as you type. Be sure to check out Part 2 to complete the tutorial.

18 thoughts on “Stylizing MS Word for Screenplay Format Part 1

  1. Hey man, great tutorials…many thanks. Would have been nice to see you type up a page with all the F keys, show how it all works. Anyway, great job. Your videos are better than all the others on Youtube.

  2. Hey Knowledge Watch? I read through the comments as thoroughly as possible, but couldn't find a way to do these awesome shortcuts on Word 2007. I would LOVE to get this set up on the Word I have, and would appreciate some guidance. Thanks

  3. Question: Having already written a script, but not in the industry format, how would I go back and make changes? This video is great for starting a fresh document, but how about correcting something that's already written? I am open to anyone's advice on this. Thanks and all the luck in your writing endeavors!

  4. Thanks, this is much better than any professional screenwriting software I have ever used, because all of them have their capricious limitations and no export to DOC. If they do, then the script is distorted and unusable, unless it's printed to PDF. Godspeed!

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  6. @CrazySexzyCool i know….seriously i just had the same discussion on the way home with my wife…i was looking at buying Final draft for screenwriter…she asked if i'd looked online and mentioned youtube….saved me some bucks

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