Speech Recognition for Spreadsheets (MS Excel) | Dragon Demo

Control Microsoft Excel by voice with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software. Input formulas, select and format cells, ranges and sheets. Navigate between cells, ranges, sheets and open workbooks. Open, close and save files. Access all menus and options.

19 thoughts on “Speech Recognition for Spreadsheets (MS Excel) | Dragon Demo

  1. thanks for a very informative video. However, I could not understand how you did subtraction with the from inside command. You say you have made that command but how do I do that with dragon 13 premium version. Thanks for any answers

  2. very impressive! Unfortunately my Dragon has the totally bizarre idea of typing out numbers this way "50 . five" – which of course is totally useless. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. Holy shiz! You Sir, just blew my mind! Very clear, very clever, very cool. Thats tripple C's for chu. I enjoyed your video, it was very informative and well made/thought out. May you go far.

  4. Hi Xaver,
    All versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking work with Excel 2000, but none work well out of the box. In my video you see Dragon heavily customized by me. Uncustomized, you will be able to enter sentences and data in particular cells, but I find it slow and frustrating without making your own commands.
    You need the pro version to create commands. I think it will record keystrokes and mouse clicks, helpful if you don't have programming experience.
    Hope this helps!

  5. Your video is really cool- I'm about to begin training to receive my Microsoft excel 2010 certification, is there any way that you can send me some exercises and/or "cheat sheets"? I would greatly appreciate it.

  6. pogoman555, another alternative is to use dragonfly (a free add on to dns). It is a google code project by Christo Butcher, very awesome. Google it! You have to be somewhat tech savvy to install it.

  7. Buying the most expensive version (professional) will let you create custom commands. You will need to do some light programming, altho it might have a keystroke/mouse recorder?

  8. Hi,
    I have Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11.5. However, it doesn't let me do many of these commands. Things like format title, auto width, and some of the other commands simply type those words when I say them. Do I need to buy the most expensive version to really get to use Excel to the fullest?

  9. I have not yet tried Vocola, but I read that the ccr broke after dns 7. However, vocola.net says it can do command sequences (ccr). Let me know how it goes.
    I love how well dragonfly is working. Lightning fast. (I had never looked at python code b4 but understand general programming). So far I've mostly translated my old global ccr commands – still need to do my Excel cmds. I love the hybrid cmds (eg, "translate spanish [arbitrary utterance]"). I will put a video up when I get a chance.

  10. @bboyjkang Thanks for comments. Now that I am on version 10 (at work — still on 5 at home), I'm actually in the middle of installing Dragonfly at this moment. I have considered using it and/or Vocola for several years. The CCR in both is more powerful than the system I created within DNS, and Dragonfly will enable hybrid commands with both structured and arbitrary components. I am excited to get it working (& hoping it works well on 64-bit). I will let you know. Don't let Python hold you back.

  11. @eirajel In video, I use version 5! I love Continuous Command Recognition and it doesn't work well in later versions. But 5 doesn't work well in 64-bit Windows, so I recently upgraded to 10 Preferred. I hated how 10 (Preferred & Pro) worked in Excel. Specifically, it prevents me from exiting a cell by saying "tab-key" or "new-line" — due to the otherwise-very-cool ability to Select-and-Say w/in a cell — which I have now disabled). I expect 11 Home to work w/ Excel, but have yet to try it.

  12. Leo, thank you for the comment!
    You &I started using Dragon at the same version. I have version 10, but still haven't started using it, because I love being able to dictate a string of commands (continuous command recognition) as a single utterance. Subsequent versions of Dragon seem to consume too much processor when using CCR (have not yet tried adding third party software).
    If you get stuck dictating in Excel (or anywhere else), message me or add another comment and I'll help.

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