PowerPoint 2013 Training – Creating a Presentation – Part 2 – PowerPoint 2013 Tutorial

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During this PowerPoint 2013 tutorial, we’ll continue with showing how to create a presentation, including putting contents on each slide.

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37 thoughts on “PowerPoint 2013 Training – Creating a Presentation – Part 2 – PowerPoint 2013 Tutorial

  1. Very informative. I have never used PP and I was following all the steps at the same time you were doing the tutorial. It is very much appreciated that you take to time to do them and share them with us that really want to learn. Regards

  2. I am in college and I have a 5-7 slide PP presentation due next week, I have never used PP and I am terrified. This video has eased some of my terror with PP. Thank you so much for posting these.

  3. Thank you for this. I needed a crash course asap since I've been out of the loop in the corporate world and I'm on my second video (looking forward to the third already), which is a bit of a miracle because I have a tendency to get bored and fidgety with online tutorials. However, what I like about you is that you're straight-to-point, clear, concise and you spare us the corny jokes (as with some tutorials) or going off on a tangent remarks that stray from the lesson. Just what I needed: simplicity combined with effective guidance. Perfect!

  4. Seriously 3 hours?   I hear Power Point is easy but I beg to differ. Its easy to click thru one but not make one. Power Point like all Micro Soft is EVIL. Bill Gates or Satans Dog is Pure Evil. Vaccinate for World Depopulation. Monsatan for Infertility, Chronic Disease, Cancer Promotion and poisoning the world. Supports High Aerosol Geo Engineering of Heavy Metals for HAARP, Venus Syndrome and finally a Methane Bubble Burst. Biologics are also spewn all over the world within these aerosols to start H!NI, Bird Flu and so on for public pandemics. Thus more Death and Vaccinations forced on the people.  Bill Gates is a Psychopathic Killer and Pedophile. Like Father like Son.

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