PMT and FV Functions in MS Excel in Hindi

The PMT function can help the user calculate the equal monthly installments on a loan taken, for example, when he buys a car or a house. You can also create a loan amortization schedule quickly and easily using the PMT function in MS Excel.
The FV or Future Value function can help you calculate quickly what the value of your money will be, for example in five years if you save it in a fixed deposit at a certain interest rate. Combining the PMT and the FV functions you can perform interesting…

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  1. sir kch questions ka answer nhi aa rha hai jisme compound interest nikalna hai please inhe solve kar do….
    Q-1 Find C.I. on Rs. 16000 at the rate of 5% P.c.p.a for 2 years, compounded annually ?
    Q-2 Find C.I. on Rs. 10,000 at the rate of interest 6% for, 3/2 years compounded annually?
    please answer ASAP

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