Placing an Excel table in an InDesign document

How to insert a MS Excel table into an InDesign document and maintaining the formatting.

50 thoughts on “Placing an Excel table in an InDesign document

  1. Kevin- When I place the excel document into InDesign it just shows up completely blank.. Do you have any idea why?  It shows there is a document, you just can't see anything.

  2. I am using Excel 2013 and InDesign CC 2014. Could that be why it isn't working for me? I'm so heartbroken now because I was so excited that I was going to be able to save some time…:-( …guess not

  3. hi, I am making a directory, a white pages for my school. I have 356 fields of name address and phone numbers in excel. how would i place this in INdesign? So that it flows from one page to the next?

  4. Kevin, how did you maintain the column width in the Excel spreadsheet when you imported it into InDesign? When I place an Excel spreadsheet in my InDesign document, the column widths shrink, forcing the cell contents to wrap.

  5. Thank you for this excellent and quick tutorial!!! I'm transitioning a newsletter from Publisher to InDesign. I'm also taking advantage of the Excel calendar template/tool.

  6. Is it possible to read in two different cell ranges? Like A1:A10 and C1:C10 don’t get it to work..
    Or to hide columns in Indesign from imported tables from MS Exel?

  7. Thanks. One problem I encountered was that certain stylised graphs such as ones with drop shadows and white dividers cannot be pasted, because of 'too much information'.

  8. Greetings and check the note posted above. If you have any technical questions about computer hardware or software (yes, I'm a geek) send along a note. In the meantime I will be concentrating on InDesign for a while.

  9. Greetings 80smgbme.
    Thanks for the note. I put that video up as a quick test and it sees to be getting a lot of play. So, I have written a bunch more on InDesign and will start posting this week. If there is anything specific you would like to see, drop me a note. I teach about 30 different software packages for Continuing Technical Education at Dalhousie University during the school year but there are always things I would like to share.

  10. this was extremely helpful, thank you! Look forward to more instructional videos, you are very good at explaining and showing the steps, for folks like me who are completely new to Adobe CS6.

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