MS Word – Working with Columns

This tutorial teaches you how to work with one, two, or more columns in MS Word. How automatic section breaks are applied and how you can apply manual section breaks. Moreover, it also let you explore how to add line between columns. Also, how to work with column options not listed on the ribbon.

4 thoughts on “MS Word – Working with Columns

  1. I was wondering, Once you have made a column, do you know how to add
    page numbers under neath the column, so it would show two different
    pages as if you folded the paper in half. like a book showing 2 different page numbers on that one page but under different columns?

  2. Hello sir, please, i need your help… I need to work with two columns but, since i am doing a translation of one and another, i need to work on the columns as if they were separate pages…. how do i do that? the content of the second column must absolutely not move while i work on the first column….

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