MS Word Tutorial #5.2 List of Tables/Figures

Word 2007/2010 Tutorial for (mainly) Civil students of UofA.

This shows how to insert an automatic List of Tables/Figures/Equations.

PDF of entire guide:

17 thoughts on “MS Word Tutorial #5.2 List of Tables/Figures

  1. Oh haha. I should have prepared my captions maybe! No problems, I'm glad it helped. If people were able to work all these things out themselves, people won't be using default layouts when they hand in reports. These things should be taught in school because even final year uni students don't know when they really could do.

  2. you named one of your pictures that hihi, just made me giggle a little :).. but anywho thx alot for the guide, helped me alot with my graduate thesis, i guess i should've figured it out on my own if it wasn't for my rotten brainz lol 😀

  3. @thou You probably have the picture classified as a caption too. Make sure you insert the pictures under "normal" or something, then hit enter, and THEN you start making your caption. If you put the caption on the same line (eg having the cursor straight after the picture), Word may pick that entire line as a caption, and therefore when you make the List of Figures, the picture will be included. I hope that makes sense.

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