MS Word Tutorial #3. Captions and Cross-References

Word 2007/2010 Tutorial for (mainly) Civil students of UofA.

This shows how to use captions and cross-references.

PDF of entire guide:

39 thoughts on “MS Word Tutorial #3. Captions and Cross-References

  1. how to block entire caption for cross-reference in the world doc. when updating it? It changes all figures-tables-etc. as inserting "entire caption" although I have already chosen "only label and number" option at the beginning. It is so annoying…

  2. Hi White, that is indeed a very helpful tutorial. I am using your video for my PhD theses formatting. However I encountered a problem. When I tried to insert the figure caption with the chapter number, the font of the number just cannot be consistent. e.g. Fig 1.5: so the number 1 and 5 are in different font. I still can't fix that. Could you help me with that? I am using office 2013.

  3. Nicely explained but facing some problem
    When I insert a cross-reference to a figure in a Word 2007 document, the
    entire figure is inserted, not just the cross reference. I am choosing
    Insert | Reference | Cross Reference, with reference type = "Figure", Insert
    reference to = "Only label and number" and all check boxes cleared
    How do I get just the label and number to be inserted?

  4. I actually have no idea. It sounds like you have to dig into the files on the system and move them… which isn't recommended. Sorry I don't think I can help you much more. It's silly custom captions aren't embedded in the document.

  5. I just checked it on someone else's computer and it appears to be a local thing. If it were like Blocks how would I make sure that someone else could use it? Thanks for the quick response by the way.

  6. Is there a way to make sure that the custom labels you create for captions stay with the document? I made my own label for Equation Numbers for a paper I'm collaborating with someone, but when he opens it on his computer my custom label doesn't appear in the list of cross references.

  7. You must have got the image in your caption as well. Go to your image and caption and make sure they are different styles (I assume you do not want the caption right next to the image). I suggest deleting both and redoing to ensure there's no trace of Captions around. When you insert the caption, ensure your cursor is on the line below the image.

  8. When I cross reference a figure in my report, the figure reproduces itself in the middle of my report or a big space appears. How can I fix this? Thanks for the great videos!

  9. Rock 'n Roll. This really helped me with a 60 page monster essay for Marketing (and I'm an engineer.)
    What screen "video-capture" software do you use? It's pretty neat.

  10. @damaged2 Good to hear the caption is now working. I don't know why it isn't coming up in the cross reference list, although when you specified "Table 2.1-1" as a label, that means all that text is not going to update. Usually our label will just be "Table" and the numbers are worked out by Word. If your label is "Table 2.1-1", then in the cross reference list you need to look under that label, and not just "Table".

  11. K, I got the caption…but now the cross reference isn't working! I wrote in the caption "Table 2.1-1" as a new label. When I go to cross reference, I choose "Table" and nothing shows up. I try choosing "Table 2.1-1" but I can't insert it. What's going on?

  12. I want to add a caption starting from Section 2 but the captions keep starting with 1. I want to caption "Table 2.1-1" so when I add a new label saying this it comes out as "Table 2.1-1 1".

    Also, when I go into "numbering" for the captions and select "Heading 1" and press OK a window pops up saying "There is no chapter number to include in the caption or page number. To apply chapter numbers use the Bullets and Numbering…" I don't know what's even being said here. @@ Can you please explain?

  13. @damaged2 When creating a cross reference, you have an option to "insert as a hyperlink". If you click that, the cross reference is able to be "control+clicked" to go to the caption.

    If you do not want to have to hold control to click, you can go to the Word Options (Office button > Word Options (button, bottom right), and under "Advanced" on the left of the window, there is an option about four down that says "Use CTRL + Click to follow hyperlink". Untick that. Now a left click will suffice.

  14. Excellent!! Been looking for this kind of tut for a long while!

    Do you know how to do this: I have a table (ie. table 1.1) and this is written in a body of text. How do you have it that when you click on to "table 1.1" in the text body it'll automatically take you to the actual table? Do you know what I'm asking?

  15. @MrUsman4040 Touch to perform? I put captions and cross-references to the quick access toolbar, and therefore they obtain the ALT + 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. shortcuts. Works pretty nicely.

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