MS Word Table of Contents Tutorial

A table of contents (TOC) is a great way to organize your documents. This short tutorial shows how to create a TOC in Word, and have it update page numbers for you. By creating a table of contents this way you can also create hyperlinks from the table of contents to the page the reference points to. This video demonstrates outline mode and using styles to populate your table of contents.

30 thoughts on “MS Word Table of Contents Tutorial

  1. Hey that's great. Now, how can I create a 2nd and a 3rd TOC – I mean a completely separate TOC? (BTY, I'm using Word 2003.)

    In my doc about weight-loss I'm creating there are three completely different sections – the Intro, the Diet section, and the Exercise section, each with their own separate TOC. When I did the Intro section everything went perfectly. (All just H1.)

    But when I went to do the next (Diet) section, it did not behave like I expected.

    I set the paragraph headings at H1, went back and set the cursor at the proper spot, went to Insert/Reference/Index&Tables/Table of Contents and hit OK – and it went right back up the the first one I did, it was all highlighted, and asking me if I wanted to "replace the selected table of contents".

    SO, what is the correct step-by-step to create that 2nd and my 3rd TOC? (In Word 2003.)

  2. you sound like Uryū Ishida from bleach. Not insulting you just found that interesting. Thank you for this clear and concise video. it was just what i needed for a good refresher!

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