MS Word 2007 Tutorial – How to add and reset Radio Buttons HD

Learn to create “Radio Buttons” (also known as “Option Buttons”) in Microsoft Word 2007. So that you can create your own “Quiz ” or “Survey” type questions with multiple choice as answers 😀 Also Learn to Reset the values or answers by using the Command Button.

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17 thoughts on “MS Word 2007 Tutorial – How to add and reset Radio Buttons HD

  1. Great tutorial. Just a quick question. Created a fairly long form with radio/option buttons, check boxes, and text boxes. Added reset button and it works for all option buttons and check boxes but does not work for the text boxes. To clarify, reset clears the text field but once you try to type new text with the word "False" pops into the text field. This is what I have tried in the command field TextBox1.Value = False and TextBox1.Text = False. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Thank you very much for this video!! I was in a serious pinch creating a document like this and I could NOT figure out how to fix this issue UNTIL I found your video!! Thank you!!

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