MS Word 2007 Spelling and Grammar

4 thoughts on “MS Word 2007 Spelling and Grammar

  1. Hi there OK Now my spell checker is working in microsoft word, but for all other uses in windows 7 be it newspaper, letters or youtube, as yew cann seee iit is nott working here, using windows 7. Now if I post a comment to you on mu iapad the spell check is working on there, so why nott here Thanks,

  2. At 1:45, when you click on review, you get a window that pops up.  I have MS Word '07, and I don't get this window.  Instead, I just get a "spelling has been checked" window that pops up.

    This is the second video where I've seen this mysterious window popping up.  But I still don't get it.

    And my spell-check still doesn't work on most docs.  Most bizarrely, it works on one or two of my docs, but not the other dozens I have.

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