MS Word 2007 Lec3 in Urdu

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By Faizan Rauf

19 thoughts on “MS Word 2007 Lec3 in Urdu

  1. @TheMoiz110 hmm acha chalo banadaiytay hain, Ramzan k bad yaad dilana. asal may abhe koi student is level ka hai nahi. jaisay hi kai is per pohchay ga movie banadunga Insha Allah

  2. @mehaklovepad ye baat puri dunya k teacher tasleem kartay hain k 2 cheezain bohat zururi hain 1. Test 2.Practice. Don't give 2nd lecture without checking the progress of student in 1st lecture through test. This will polish you & your student both. thanks n salam

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