MS Word 2003 Basic 1 (Enter/Delete text, Save files)

Microsoft Word 2003 Basic tutorial
Entering Editing Text, using Backspace Delete, Save Files in Folders

13 thoughts on “MS Word 2003 Basic 1 (Enter/Delete text, Save files)

  1. You are wonderful!!!!  You are teaching me new things about basic word and going over things that I already know.  Thanks and keep up the good work on teaching word and more great videos that you will be posting.

  2. So clear + understandably. This was a great refresher. I forgot about being able to change the tool bar + how the delete key worked. Will definitely watch more. Thanks.

  3. Perfect, this is what I was hoping, that by watching these videos people will be job ready. And also be able to get 80% & above in computer test that employers use. Thanks for the comment, it will help others to have confidence in learning via these videos. Good job.

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