MS Excel tutorial in hindi – INTRODUCTION OF SHEET PART 2

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Excel Tutorial Excel Tutorial 2007 2010 2013 This is an Excel 2013 Tutorial for beginners that covers the 10 most basic things you must know about Microsoft Excel. In this tutorial I introduce you to Excel showing you the different parts of Excel how to navigate in excel, insert formulas, functions, select cells, make charts and graphs, cell reference, worksheet operations and worksheet reference and how to print and prepare your file to print using page…

2 thoughts on “MS Excel tutorial in hindi – INTRODUCTION OF SHEET PART 2

  1. Simple but informative way. I am a Computer Operator but not an expert like you and can do my work by using my skills upto the intermediate level. Therefore I am watching your tutorials. I am also learning some simple but new things which will be very useful for my work. Thanks Mam….. (MAY THE ALMIGHTY BLESS YOU)

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