MS Excel: Solver Add-In Demonstration

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NOTE: For best viewing, please go to full-screen mode and increase your volume. Written guidance may be found below. This video is for educational purposes only.

This is a demonstration of MS Excel’s Solver Add-In. Solver is a free piece of software already installed in Excel. To activate it:
1. Go to the Files tab
2. Click “Options”
3. Click “Add-Ins”
4. Select Solver and click…

12 thoughts on “MS Excel: Solver Add-In Demonstration

  1. Nicely done – for several reasons. The various parts of the Solver window are all explained, of course. There are many YouTube tutorials that do that. But this tutorial was different in that the rationale behind it was explained. I saw another shorter video that simply told viewers "click this…click that…this is for 'min'..this is for 'max', etc.

    We are all pressed for time, but I thought the background information was well worth the time invested. I also got a chuckle out of the use of the real world conflict: (car) demand exceeds (cars) available. Now that is the real world.  I will be looking for more Excel tutorials from ArcologyDesigns.

  2. Thank you so much sir it really works. actually i was facing that error: when ever i open any file of excel it always gives me( Hijricalendar.xlam does not access)

    thank you so much

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