MS Excel – Formulas & Choose 2of2 [MouseFlip]

MS Excel – Formulas & Choose 2of2 [MouseFlip]

4 thoughts on “MS Excel – Formulas & Choose 2of2 [MouseFlip]

  1. I think the choose formula is so efficient and time saving because it allows people to create excels like this that'll quickly input the values for you. It's a little difficult to understand sometimes though because I had a little trouble doing the tutorials, but nonetheless helpful

  2. What an efficient way to obtain the corresponding value for each number in each cell! Through this tutorial, I gained a very good understanding of how to use the choose function and what the $ sign actually does. Thanks!

  3. I believe that Excel can be a powerful tool if used properly. Out of all the formulas we learned, I think that this formula is pretty amazing. I mean the fact that you can set the numbers to how you want Excel to react to one number is amazing. Although it was pretty hard to get the formula down, I believe it gets easier as you get used to it.

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