MS Excel: Arrays, Nested IF, VLOOKUP and Conditional Functions

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Arrays are used to create formulas that affect a group of cells. Note that Excel…

14 thoughts on “MS Excel: Arrays, Nested IF, VLOOKUP and Conditional Functions

  1. How do you select from a list based on another cell?  IE.  B1  IF A1(data list of 1-9)  is a number between 1-9, If it is 1 then select from data list C1-C9, if 2 then select from data list D1-D9, etc.

  2. @salma ibrahim
    There is no "Reply" button on your comment for some reason.
    In regards to your question, F4 is a hotkey (a shortcut) that allows you to switch between absolute and relative cell reference. Absolute means the cell value will not change if you copy and paste the formula. Relative means it will change. For example, if you use relative (without a $ sign) reference and paste the formula one row below, the relative reference will increase by one row. It depends on whether you need to use a constant or a dynamically changing cell. 

    The comma is used to separate arguments in a function, the equals is used to evaluate a boolean expression. Thus IF(B1="Blue","Correct","Wrong") means if cell B1 holds the value blue, it is correct; if it is any other color it is wrong. I hope that helps. 

  3. Thank you very much !
    i really appreciate , but i want to ask a question: What is the purpose of the F4 button , in many functions, which is the absolute reference?
    Another thing please, i want to know  when to put = in front of the criteria in the if function and when to put a comma
    for example : ="C" and sometimes it is written ,"C"
    actually i am taking ICT this session in cie which is going to be next month , so i need a quick respond , please.
    can you suggest me procedures or help , when a hard question meet me in solving excel ?

  4. Hi, I have been searching through excel for help with a nested if and vlookup function and haven't been successful.  I was hoping you could help.  I have a table that I must use a nested if and vlookup formula in order to get my results using both vertical and horizontal cells.  I understand nested if formula and vlookup formulas but not able to get them to work together in the same formula using both horizontal and vertical cells.  Any suggestions?

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