Microsoft Word 2013 Training – The Ribbon

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During this Word 2013 tutorial, you’ll learn the Ribbon interface in addition to touch capability features.

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12 thoughts on “Microsoft Word 2013 Training – The Ribbon

  1. Subbed and thumbs up! Thank you very much for sharing this tutorial. Now, do you have a video tut on how to place, edit images, undo an anchor with images, add, change and remove borders around images and other parts of a document during creation of a doc? Have to learn MW2013 and use it to finish school work. And the person I am trying to help with their school work document(s), is not at all familiar with this program, very frustrated, and is due by Tuesday. His next one is also due by Tuesday as well! SO— IF you can please PLEASE be a lifesaver, and direct me toward such a tutorial video you may have? I appreciate it very much. And you have my sincere gratitude in advance. Thank you!

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