Microsoft Word 2013 Training – Mail Merge – Part 1

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During this Word 2013 tutorial, learn the basic principles and steps in for getting started with a Mail Merge in Microsoft Word 2013.

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28 thoughts on “Microsoft Word 2013 Training – Mail Merge – Part 1

  1. Valuable lesson to those who are new to mail merge, just the right amount of information with the right speed. Clear sound without background noise and an especially easy to understand dialect of English.

  2. Thank you so very much Mr. Simon, it's been a long time since I needed to use mail merge, and my gosh this was so wicked easy to learn, hee hee, I can't wait for part 2.  Atlanta, October 2016.

  3. I figured this out sometime back. I think toooo much detail. Strictly me though. You've covered every knot hole on the tree….May I suggest #1 differentiate between mail merge and email merge and using Directory.I only use email merge. #2 if you are using Word for document and Excel for data (Outlook if doing email merge) – build your data set first in Excel. #3 In Word, build your document, noting in the document where you want to insert merged fields (placeholders). I simply will be brackets around the location, e.g., [nameofperson]. For easy identification, I make that name the same as my header in Excel whose column contains the name of the person you are gonna send the email/mail to. Then go through the process of inserting each field at each location in your document. Note: this process is only for one record = one row. This process here will not address multiple rows of information for a single record. Am hoping your UTube #2 covers that for I've been search 2 days and no one can explain, no one can write effectively, and no one differentiates between email / mail merge.They are different. Otherwise pretty darn good presentation. Would attach a two page "how to" but see no way of attaching any doc's. Best summer wishes from Dallas!!

  4. How do I insert an address from Outlook on a Word document so that the full address–Contact name AND professional title, company name and address–are pasted on the document?  Currently, what's getting inserted is just the full name and address.

  5. Hi Simon, thanks for the amazing lesson. I have a problem, when I click on the create icon in the wizard for the new list, an error occors and i get a dialogue box that says Error Has Occured: Class not registered. Do you have any idea what that might mean? Thanks in adavnce

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