Microsoft Excel Password Remover (Unprotect Workbook/Sheet) 2016

Unprotect protected file with EAIP Cracker
Excel All Internal Password Cracker v1.00.00
Works fine with Microsoft MS Office 2016
Support MS Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
No need to install third-party soft-wears.

links to download cracker
Google Drive –
zippyshare –

30 thoughts on “Microsoft Excel Password Remover (Unprotect Workbook/Sheet) 2016

  1. not working unfortunatelly… only think it does is that it opens the file, asking for unlock pass over and over and over (you have to kill excel.exe to shut it down). the "xml way" not working either (not such entry there), even my trusty vba code seems to fail (and the online unlock page that worked when everything failed is down…)… guess i found some nasty protected sheet…

  2. not working in 2007 , it worked till select protected excel file then am not able to select drive no option am getting and security warning Macros been disabled so help me bro.. i need this urgent

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