Microsoft Excel 2013 Tutorial | Using Print Titles And Print Areas

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10 thoughts on “Microsoft Excel 2013 Tutorial | Using Print Titles And Print Areas

  1. Thanks, this has helped clean up my spreadsheet a lot. A question though: After these print selections are set and the document is saved, will these same print areas still be set after I email the document to someone else? So that it will print in the format I saved it on on my computer.@O'Reilly- Video Training +Michelle Winrich

  2. But HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU PRINT THE GRIDLINES??  iI HAVE BEEN TRYING TO PRINT THE GRIDLINES FOR TWO MONTHS.  I WANT GRIDLINES EVERY TIME FOREVER AND FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, I DO NOT WANT IT EVER TO PRINT A SHEET WITHOUT GRIDLINES, NEVER EVER ,NEVER EVER, I ALWAYS WANT GRIDLINES WEHRE ARE THEY????  I have checked "Print Gridlines in all three of four appropriate boxes in Page Layout and Sheet and in View, but not ONCE in TWO Months has it printed out even ONE gridline!!  Microsoft told ME that Excel 2013 will ONLY work with Winows 8, it will not work with windows7 which is what the STORE sold me.  It sucks.  Please help, BB

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