Microsoft Excel 2013 Training — Using the VLOOKUP Function

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During this Excel 2013 tutorial, get to know VLOOKUP function to automate your data in different cells or sheets when using Excel 2013.

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29 thoughts on “Microsoft Excel 2013 Training — Using the VLOOKUP Function

  1. I love the way you are teaching Excel. I have been writing code for a bit and recently started out learning from the beginning and I am glad I did. There are some things that I have been doing the hard way thinking that was the way it had to be written. Some teach Excel by first showing "what not to do" but that really throws me off. With that said, thank you for the way you are teaching. Is there a list of videos that I can access? YouTube often takes me away from your videos while trying to move forward with your teaching. Thanks Again, you're awesome!!!!

  2. I'm in my first year oif A-Levels and we have an exam on edexcel. Not going to lie I'm terrible at edexcel and the questions are incredibly confusing. Example: "Enter suitable formulae into cells G6–G8 of the ‘Values’ worksheet to show a value
    for total cost, total revenue and total profit."

    Do you have qany idea on how I can decipher these questions so that they make more sense to me? I understand you may not be an ICT teacher but you appear to know exactly what your doing!! We have the senario and my school thinks its about planning a tourist boat route in relation to time, date and order of attractions to visit. It's also in relation to tidal height. If you think you could help I'd be very grateful!! If you would happily give me your email, I could send you the previous question paper and spreadsheet from last years exam for you to look at and possibly give me some advice but don't worry if you can't. Thank you for this tutorial though, you're great at explanation 🙂

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. I want to create automatic dimensional reports for a range of different parts. So I only have to change the part ref no to have the dimensions and tolerances, drawing version, etc automatically filled. I will also use this to feed the results of the measurments, from an external table… hopefully LOL

  4. This video is a life saver!
    Using VLookup is a part of my current assignment in class and I can't do it for the life of me, really helped me out, I'll use functions through the tools way instead of typing them out from now on, makes life so much easier! 🙂

    And now onwards to do Forecasting and then hopefully I'll get an A grade on my assignment! ^^

    Thanks for the video! 😀

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