Merge Text (Concantenate) from Two Cells in MS Excel –

This short video shows you how to easily merge text (or concantenate text) from two cells into one. This is useful, for example, when you want to merge data from separate “First Name” and “Last Name” into a single, merged “Name” field.

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  1. @alfred4utube: You need to detect and eliminate circular references. Excel can do this for you. Just go to "Formulas" tab, then "Formula Auditing", then "Error Checking" and select "Circular References." Click first cell listed on the sub-menu that comes up. If you can't tell whether that cell is the cause, click on the next cell listed in the sub-menu. Remember, the goal is to remove any situations whereby Cell A refers to Cell B that in turn refers back to Cell A. Good luck!

  2. Satori, I need to link a sell on different sheets, but it will be customers names, and i try to = + select the cell but it telling me that it's a circular formula or something like that, can you help me out.

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