Mail Merge in Word with Grouping records by Chris Menard Video where I type the code from start to finish.

This short video demonstrates how to group records and do a Directory mail merge in MS Word. You must TYPE in the field codes.

CTRL + F9 will insert the braces. I figured this out from Microsoft’s support kb/294686. It works in all versions on MS Word.

Here is my YouTube video where I type in the field codes. It is

It does works. You just have to type in the…

17 thoughts on “Mail Merge in Word with Grouping records by Chris Menard

  1. sorry for posting the question on this video as well, but double the chances of getting an answer for me ­čÖé so, what line do I type in, in order to get a total field, for instance, a total number of visits for Watson?

  2. Chris, can you help me? I'm getting the letters using the Directory mail merge. My sort key does not appear in the letter, I'm not sure if that is the problem. I have a small letter and small Excel file I could share with you. Only one of the records is has the duplicate sort key. Thanks!

  3. I finally mastered the grouping problem I was having. Now I need to figure out how to add together all the items of the same kind. I.E. I have ten lines, each with a subtotal, tax and payment total in it. I want to add up all the subtotal items together, all the tax items together and all the payment totals together. So far, the examples I find on line are not addressing this kind of issue. One person told me I would have to download a add-in, which I can't do on a work computer. Anyone have any ideas?

  4. I tried using the code exactly as written in the video, but mine only ever includes the one line, rather than the multiple lines it should be including. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  5. Nice! Thanks much! You mentioned doing this for clients – do you ever need to email each page separately? In other words, using your example, how would you email each rep their own totals?

  6. Hello Chris thanks for the video I was able to get multiple rows for customer orders. I have some additional fields I would like to add after the group is complete like subtotal, tax and total. With the current demo code if I add the {MERGEFIELD orders_subtotal} it will be repeated on every line of the grouping. Is there a way to escape the grouping and add these fields directly after the grouping but staying within the same mail merge?

  7. This is very helpful, but it would be even better if you could spend a little time going over the field codes that you inserted. Its hard to figure out how to adapt this for another purpose and document without some understanding of exactly how your code is set up to do the function of grouping records on the same page.

  8. Sorry, is not working for me. How you wrote the code? I think this is the key here. Basically, if copy and paste the code provided by Microsoft, Word 2013 does not recognize the MERGEFIELDS.
    If you can clarify this point, I will really appreciate

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