Learn MS Excel -Video 426- VBA – Import Outlook file names & dates

In this video we are importing the file names if more than one then it is imported under same email subject line.

Please watch: “Learn Excel – Video 594 – VBA – WEB SCRAPING – CLICK ON SEARCH BUTTON”


6 thoughts on “Learn MS Excel -Video 426- VBA – Import Outlook file names & dates

  1. HI Ajay, first of all. Thank you for this wonderful script and it is easy to understand. But I have 1 question, how do I prevent from duplicating the same content in excel when running the script? I preferred only that the new mail arrives will only add up to the next row. But when I run again the script it captures again the old mails and creating another rows with similar details. Thank you and best regards,


  2. Hello Ajay,

    I want to Reply a Thank you note with a same subject like i received a mail from automatically from outlook to my clients from specific folder , currently i am doing these manually every day i get around 60 emails , can you please help me ,

    Thank you so much… You Faaan

  3. Hi Ajay, I need to copy Outlook mail body by line by line because the body of the mail has a table formatted data. And it won't be fixed format daily. So, I want to copy line by line from Outlook body and paste in excel. Please help on this, it very helps me to resolve the issue.

    Already I developed code to copy the body of the mail but it won't paste in excel with the same format (In the mail, it is table format is missing when I paste in excel).

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