Learn MS Excel – Video 395- VBA – Add file extension filters in FileDialog

Another video in an attempt to learn more about the Dialogues. Let us see how we can change the extensions of files in the dialog and can search for specific .jpg or .xlsx or .txt files

Please watch: “Learn Excel – Video 594 – VBA – WEB SCRAPING – CLICK ON SEARCH BUTTON”


8 thoughts on “Learn MS Excel – Video 395- VBA – Add file extension filters in FileDialog

  1. Thank you… Ajay, for your videos. Your videos are helped a lot me when am the beginner to VBA, please do more videos on Access VBA and Web Scraping (Using VBA) if possible…. plz

  2. Hi,
    I have a button called UpLoad on my webpage which ask to upload the .csv file.
    I am able to click that button using VBA code and after clicking that button on webpage a popup appears similar to open dialog box which ask to upload a file for example say "Star.csv" but i want to insert the file name called "Star.csv" which is stored in my local directory automatically using VBA without user interaction.

    Any help will be appreciated .

  3. hi ajay,

    thanks for uploading useful filter option. great to watch your videos.

    3 days back i have sent you a question your Gmail id. please upload the video.

  4. Hi ajay,

    I am a regular follower of your channel. These videos are really amazing and I got knowledge. Thanks.

    Now I have a ques..Can you please provide a video on how to extract web page data bt chrome instead of internet explorer? It will be helpful.

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