Inserting Formulas and Calculating with MS Word 2007

You can perform calculations or logical operations and use formula in MS Word. This formula will update automatically when inserted in a Word document. You can even update the result of the calculations manually. Calculations should be made within the table. Here is a simple tutorial on performing a calculation in Word 2007.

6 thoughts on “Inserting Formulas and Calculating with MS Word 2007

  1. We often need some calculations to be done such as computing amounts, calculating the inventory for a month and more. Most of us may not be familiar with the formulas that we can apply to do calculations, and thus, this video tutorial will provide us with a step-by-step guide that will help us in working out on calculations through MS Word 2007. It’s a great video, isn’t it? MS Word provides us a variety of functions and features such as applying Excel functions to Word documents. But many users are not able to perform this. But if any user follows this video steps, I am sure they will be able to insert mathematical equations into their MS Word 2007 perfectly.

  2. Excellent Techyv, your video tutorial nicely and easily teaches us the fundamentals of using formulas and functions to perform basic calculations in MS Word 2007. Awesome work! Thanks for your clear explanation and clarifying everything with style. Amazing! I did not know about the techniques in Inserting Formulas and Calculating with MS Word 2007, but Techyv gave me the knowledge. Thank you for uploading this video and I am feeling glad on being here!

  3. Fantastic information! Microsoft Word includes a built-in support for writing and editing equations. Tables in Word can be arranged in a variety of ways to make our forms look professional and nice. Most of us are comfortable with Microsoft Word. It will be really nice if we could perform Excel-like calculations in Word. Inserting formulas and calculating with MS Word 2007 has been a challenge and a real headache for me. With the direction of the video, I am feeling happy while performing perfectly. Great presentation! Short and summarized and exactly what I wanted. Techyv, I really appreciate your support and effort.

  4. Superb video! Yes, we can do calculations and logical assessments in a table by using formulas. I was familiar with the simple formula, but just forgot this function now. But I need to send my assignment in a couple of hours so I was very anxious. To get an idea, I searched many sites and found this Techyv’s video. This quick video tutorial showed me the steps of inserting an equation into MS Word 2007 and now, I have remembered all. Thank you very much Techyv for helping me in my math’s assignment.

  5. Wow, great! Instead of reaching for our calculator, we can use MS Word to do the math! On a worksheet, we can enter simple formula to add, divide, multiply and subtract two or more numeric values. Also, we can enter a formula that uses the SUM function. This video really made it all simple, clear and precise. Nice video tutorial! It is just what I needed. Techyv, you just went to the point and it was very nice explained. It’s really a great help. Please do more tutorials Techyv and I wish you all the best!

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