How to make custom Birthday Banner MS Word

Step by step tutorial on how to make a custom birthday banner with MS Word. This video walks you through using images for backgrounds, matching colors, layering shapes and how to make any custom banner with MS Word.

14 thoughts on “How to make custom Birthday Banner MS Word

  1. Hi! I need help. My son's birthday is around the corner and I wanted to know after I make this file, where do I take it to get printed or what do I do from there? I don't have 20 dollars to spend on the banner alone. aNY HELP IS APPRECIATED! Thx!

  2. First off thank you for your tutorials they have helped me alot Right now in helping my friend for her a baby shower nnowi have a question do I print this on cardstock or regular paper ? And in what color of cardstock since it will have patterns?

  3. Hi Tracy,
    just wanted to tell you that the banner came out amazing, I used the card stock and the colors were perfect. Everyone loved the color scheme and it was a hit.

    Thank you

  4. Tracey, your channel rocks, I love to come here for information. I have done the tags for my lollipops. I am now going to do a banner. My question is what type of paper do I use.
    I will have to go to staples to have them printed out. I am afraid that the color wont come out bright since its a gold color. What do you suggest?

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