How to mail merge print envelopes using MS Excel and Word

How to mail merge print envelopes using MS Excel and Word
In this video, I show you how to print envelopes for your wedding, birthday or customers if you are small business marketing to prospects.

I show you the step by step instructions how to prepare your excel list and then set up microsoft word to enable the mail merge and print job.

I show you how to check the print is as you like so you don’t waste invitations.

I hope that as a result of watching this you get your print job done…

33 thoughts on “How to mail merge print envelopes using MS Excel and Word

  1. Thanks – that was so helpful! My only trouble was getting the thing to print all 47 rather than the same one over & over. But I think that was more on my printer's end, than the instructions. I ended up feeding them in manually, which was a pain. If someone has another suggestion, I'm open to it!

  2. When printing an address onto a single envelop, using the 'Envelopes' button (as opposed to 'Start Mail Merge' option), I cannot get the address to print in the centre of the envelop.

    It always prints near the bottom, which doesn't make for a very professional looking finish.

    The return address is fine. That prints in the top left corner beautifully. But I'm then left with a vast expanse of empty space before coming to the Delivery address down near the bottom of the envelop. Any ideas on how to fix this annoyance?

    The Mail Merge envelop option provides a dialogue box in which to place the Delivery address. That can then be moved around, so the address will print on the envelop in whatever position you want it to appear. But that option does not appear to be available when using the Envelopes button. It prints where it chooses to print, like it or lump it!

  3. Reason why I am not happy with this video is that I do not hear when/how I should be able to use an Excel document for the address…….heard it a couple of times and I still do not hear anything about Excel…..did I miss something?

  4. This was so very helpful to me today!!!  Thank you so much for doing this.  I could not have figured this out on my own.  YOu did a great job explaining and showing what i needed to do.  Again, thank you!!!

  5. Would you suggest using a laser printer or inkjet for envelopes? I want to use my inkjet printer for my wedding envelopes, but I am afraid they will smear, bleed, blotch, etc…Thanks for any info!

  6. I tried to add a letter page ( 9×11) to a document with an envelope however what I view v. what is printed is different (cuts off text like it formatted both pages (envelope size and letter size)

    How do I have one document with both a envelope and letter (two pages with different sizes) I tried page layout letter on one page and envelope on the other but it still cut's off text seemingly defaulting back to a smaller page size even thought it displays "Letter 8 1/2 x 11) ???Help please…Thanks

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