how to fix ms word 2013 stopped working problem (error)

Follow the steps showing in video and resolved the problem(error) arose in ms office 2013

39 thoughts on “how to fix ms word 2013 stopped working problem (error)

  1. I have this priblem with Outlook, I don't get the Bluetooth option on Add ins and I am about to loose it and loose my job. If I don't fix it I have to reset my laptop…I need help please

  2. Seriously, I went through a bunch of ms word stopped working videos and none of them said this. I was about to start pulling my hair out in frustration and then tried this video, so easy even the box uncheck the "abby fine reader" was highlighted like the bluetooth example in this video.and it worked fine. Thank you Bilal and grateful for you tube!

  3. I'm sure, many of you, like me came to this video doubtful that it is going to work. Yet still hopeful, thus following the procedure in the video. SURPRISINGLY, IT WORKED!! Thanks so much!!! For those who don't have "send to bluetooth", uncheck the "abby fine reader" and it would work just fine. 🙂 🙂

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