How to covert picture to victor use in Ms word

Covert PDF to picture, Coreldraw x8, ms word
Samsung Galaxy 87,
Samsung Galaxy 87 Edge,
Bong DOV,
bong pouy,
ar pouy kon aov,
Bek oun bong ones to su,
bek oun mean by chay Cheang mon,
bek oun bong mean onjayjeang mun,
Khmer old song, khmer song,
Khemarak sereymun,
preab sovath,
sinn sisamouth,
sin sisamot,
sin sisamoth,
sin sisamouth,
ros sereysothea,
ros serey sothea,
noy vanneth,
hem sivon
meas soksophea,
sok pisey, toch sreynech,
song senghon,
keo sarath,
sokun nisa,

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