How to calculate Azimut Distance in MS Excel when 2 points are given in Urdu/Hindi

in this video I try to explain how we can use basic formulas in ms excel for calculate Azimuth Distance when we have 2 points

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15 thoughts on “How to calculate Azimut Distance in MS Excel when 2 points are given in Urdu/Hindi

  1. He,also give me control point but when i do survey and i collect my data and he gave me prpoaed levl sheet how i will calculate cut and fill in auto cad aur excel aur whatever u use wich mathod plz

  2. Amir bahi i have most important question its very important to me as a surveyor if i go any mew project and my senior said to me you go on site and di topo and make quantity for cut and fill and they have already prposed levl just need exisiting levl for make quantity and for example my areea is 100*100 m plz reply me

  3. As salaam alaikum, Bhaijaan, kisi bhi 2 given points k bich me azimuth calculate karna ho agar using polar formula like in calculator, kya yeh formula excel me use kar sakte hain kya ??

  4. slam alikum sir ap ne jo circle main bearing awr distance maloom kia azmith apne sir bola bad batonga sir hum oske intizar main hai hame aske ke bare main video upload kare awr close traverse ke bare main bata de hum ne riyadh main aik project kia jis ka hum traverse kia likan hamara chief surveyor lebnani hai osko traversr calculation maloom nahi jis main aik corner building main farq aya sir please sir traverse ke bare main hame video upload kare msaxcel mian calculation kare main sir apka buhat shukar guzar honga main aik ptahn houn dist swabi sey belong karta houn

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