How to Add Speak option in MS Word 2013 – Text to Speech feature in Microsoft Office 2013

Hello!!! friends, how are you ? Do you have a hard time for reading through reams of paperwork or hate spending the time reading long documents? Why not use the Text to Speech feature in Office 2013 to give your eyes a break?

Let us learn a new technique in Microsoft Office Word 2013. It is a new feature of Word 2013. If you want to hear your written text of Microsoft Word 2013 by speaker of head phone then you can use the Text to Speech feature of Microsoft Office 2013.
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23 thoughts on “How to Add Speak option in MS Word 2013 – Text to Speech feature in Microsoft Office 2013

  1. I've been searching everywhere without luck. Is there a way to adjust the read back speed? I can adjust in in Windows but it does not appear to have any affect on Word's text to speech function.

  2. Is it possible to use speak command with word-or-sentence emphasize? (when you selected text and clicked speak command, it will show the word or sentence while it is processed?)

  3. One of the worst information videos I've seen. Can't hear anything and there are basically no instructions. Another waste of electrons. Stop being "cool" and be informative

  4. This feature is awesome. I just learned how to do it in a workshop for work. We have a lady in our office that distracts us and tells long stories and I use the speak feature to mess with her now. It sounds like Siri when it talks. I type out 'Linda! Linda! What are you doing over there? Are you eating? You better get to work! Now!" LOL My bosses think it is hilarious! It's my new toy!

  5. is there a reverse to this. can I speak to my Microsoft 2013 Word and it print out for me. I am trying to help my father who can no longer hear very well even with his hearing aids. Thank you.

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