How do I create and distribute a newsletter using MS Word?

Find out how to create and distribute a newsletter for free using Microsoft Word with

20 thoughts on “How do I create and distribute a newsletter using MS Word?

  1. Hello there! Nice video you have there! Hope you wont mind me sharing.. have you done business with " Vidadsmedia Email Tools " (try googIing it)? My brother had some deaIings with them and was impressed by their great knowIedge on emaiI tooIs!

  2. Misleading….frankly, most of us know how to create a PDF and BCC our contacts. What we want is a real newsletter that appears in the email body the same way we produced it…….but we're all struggling a bit with this.

  3. Has anyone found a video tutorial that actually explains how to create a newsletter? The only ones I have found are like this that are titled "How to create a newsletter" however it only shows how to edit a newsletter that has already been created.
    Any help would be very much appreciated.

  4. ok – here a question – 
    In Word 2013 – there is a Newsletter template for email – it is thinner, and I assume could be placed as the body of the email itself – which is what I am looking for.
    Do you… know what I am talking about, and how do I…. (Pun Intended)…. … I will/can create the newsletter with the template, but then… how do I place it / make it become the body of my actual email I want to send out?

  5. I'm looking for something that can create an offline, hard copy community newsletter that I can have a few hundred prints run off by a local printer. then I would leave them in beauty salons, barber shops and other local businesses where people frequent and can sit down and re ad out of boredom. (smile)!

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