GPU Powered MS Excel 2010

Opensource interactive raytracing project

3 thoughts on “GPU Powered MS Excel 2010

  1. Hello Cyrille Favreau,

    Great job on the functionality.. I have developed a lot of independent utilities using excel VBA. I am learning CUDA C and want interface excel with CUDA to do excel calculations on the GPU and write back the results to excel. If you have any useful resource like a process chart/flow guide could you please share it with me?

  2. Awesome… I am new in CUDA and want to write a plug-in for excel which sth like simulation capable excel plugins. This is very inspired work for me.  Thank you very very much. Regards…

  3. Thx. Well yes, any function can be implemented on the GPU. Also, you might be interested in some charts that I am working on. They are generated with an interactive raytracing engine, offering outstanding features such as reflection, refraction and clean shadows. More info on my blog:

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