Forecasting Methods made simple – Seasonal Indices

The video describes using MS Excel to calculate seasonal indices for a very simple set of data that has seasonal fluctuations.

22 thoughts on “Forecasting Methods made simple – Seasonal Indices

  1. A big H E L L O from COLOMBIA. I do something like you…..related to milking production, but using percentage….I know you are laughing now but, is my way…and it works with cow´s milk production. I will use your method. G R A C I A S M I L !!!!

  2. Hello Mr. Piyush,

    Very nice video! I just have one question, though..
    How will I calculate my seasonal indices when I do not have a complete set of data points? For example, if I am using monthly sales data for forecasting, and I have only 30 months of previous sales data, how will I calculate the seasonal indices? My data starts in Feb,2014 and ends in July,2017.

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