Excel – Make Blue Clickable Hyperlinks In MS Excel – How To Tutorial

Can’t click on URL in Excel? This video tutorial will show you how to create blue clickable hyperlinks out of URL’s that are listed in Microsoft Excel. The cells currently cannot be clicked, but by simply converting them to a hyperlink, you can click on the URL.

15 thoughts on “Excel – Make Blue Clickable Hyperlinks In MS Excel – How To Tutorial

  1. I just tried this but it is not working. I'm using excel 2016. when I select 'hyperlink' style it does change the cell to blue and it underlines the text in the cell. So the appearance does make you believe it is a clickable hyperlink. However, in my case, it doesn't make it clickable. Do you know what the problem is?

  2. In a new column (eg. A2) in the formula field type =HYPERLINK(B2)
    Press Enter. This should auto complete all subsequent rows in the column.
    If not use your keyboard arrows to highlight the A2 cell (with the formula/hyperlink), press ctrl+C to copy the cell formula.
    Highlight desired cell rows (ctrl+down arrow for shortcut to last row in table) in column A and press ctrl+V to paste.

    Now to prevent the duplicates
    RIght Click Column B, Click Hide

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