CT Lesson 2 : How to Create 3D Surface Chart in MS Excel 2013

You could use this 3D Surface chart type for show trends in values across two dimensions in a continuous curve.

You could use 3D Surface chart when categories and series are both numeric.

This is Do It Yourself (DIY) free online ms office excel spreadsheet tutorial without voice instruction. Because action speaks here. Just read Video Title carefully. So that it will be helpful you to understand this tutorial easily. Because video title is matter here. If you still do not understand this…

2 thoughts on “CT Lesson 2 : How to Create 3D Surface Chart in MS Excel 2013

  1. You show a very simple 3d chart, with only TWO columns (of which only one is identified)… I have 60 columns, of which only the first one is identified (like yours)… maybe it's showing the other columns, but they are so close I can't tell, it looks 2D… I can't find any videos how to expand or stretch out that seconddimension so I can see something useful.

    If you could show that, it would be very helpful.

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