Create Order Timer in MS Excel using VBA

A user wants to create an automatic timer in MS Excel. He wants to enter an item in column A. Now in column B a timer should start automatically. If he enters a new item name in another cell in column A another timer should start which should be totally independent from the first timer. He wants to be able to do this in the entire column. He also wishes to be able to overwrite an item once the order has been completed. Completed orders are indicated by the time in the column B being set to…

10 thoughts on “Create Order Timer in MS Excel using VBA

  1. Hi! How about creating a task timer such that when the user selects an activity, the time starts and then it ends when he clicks on a "stop" command button? If you can also please show how to automate the computation for the time taken to complete a particular task. Thanks so much!

  2. Hi sir. i really admire your efforts and i really like your videos. I have learned alot. But i have problem in timer issue. this is same scenario which i am trying to create in userform by creating timer button over there for order taking purpose. Could you please help me out solving this.

  3. Good video but please think of the viewer when you re-type every duplicate code line. It would be much easier and less arduous for the viewer if you just copied and pasted with some explanation.

    With/End With could be used a lot in this code also line continuations would teach best practice for the viewers

    Excellent vid though!!

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