Create kml files by MS Excel

Download file from (21.1.2013):

You need XL 2007. I can send you 2003 version but didn’t test it.

For any questions write me at:

17 thoughts on “Create kml files by MS Excel

  1. Hello Friend, great job, I am trying to make some like this but with a lot of polygons, but I have a problem, When a polygon overlap on one with a direfencia including only distance … but when I click on each one leaves me the information of the polygon with greater distance, excuse my bad English, not if I explain well. I would much rather you could help me.

  2. Hello

    Need some guidance here..

    I have o book with some coordinates and altitudes , so i need to put datas in a xml file and than convert to gpx ( garmin file) . How can i do that ..?

    Thank you

  3. Hard to hear. He seems to have some user created, fancy Excel macro that he is using that is not the least bit intuitive. This B- student gave up and crapped out of this tutorial.

  4. Please i tried to use d file you uploaded on this subject matter.

    But it doesnt seems to be working.

    Got a response saying "cannot run macros"FreeSpaceLoss_V2-1.xlsm'!List_Files_Directory'. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled."

    Is there any solution to this.


  5. hi plz any recommended sites i need to generate kml file from excel but with codes bcse its 4 my graduation project i didn't find any sources about this subject thx for help

  6. Unfortunally no. Only one color can be made by file.
    But you don't need to create all in one file. You can create multiple files with each color and load them in Google Earth together. Then you can have lot of colors and you can make them visible/unvisible in Google Earth.

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