Changing the Margins in Open Office Writer to be like MS Word & Other Changes

I was surprised by the few number of websites that show how to do this, because I’m sure it’s something every open office user runs into. This video describes how to edit the margins in Open Office so they match the margins in word. The video also shows how to make that change be the default behavior for writer, and I also go into some load/save preferences, hope you enjoy!

40 thoughts on “Changing the Margins in Open Office Writer to be like MS Word & Other Changes

  1. you do this good, – explaining and showing – Maybe you also have some information on how to make two different settings with margins – one for left pages and one for right. When you print a booklet it need to be a little bit more margin towards the middle. The outer margins must have 1/8 inch less. So you need a template that contains left and right page settings.. Would appreciate…

  2. thanks for Your video, I need some help when i want add or Edit my resume on my laptop not allow me to do it show me this massage (this modification is not allowed because the selection is locked) now how to unlock this to complete my resume   thanks  

  3. This video was very helpful, but I would like to know if there's a way to send partial chapters, from let's say a novel, instead of the entire document. And also, if this file can be transferred directly to Amazon kindle, instead of having to go through Microsoft word. Kind let me know, thank you-

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  5. I did this and it worked great but for some reason when I open a document from my folder it opens up in text edit instead of an odt. I have a mac I need help! I take notes on my laptop

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