Changing the Default Font and Paragraph Settings in Microsoft Word 2007

This tutorial shows you how to make changes to default font and paragraph settings in MS Word. It also shows how to edit the Normal style.

23 thoughts on “Changing the Default Font and Paragraph Settings in Microsoft Word 2007

  1. I know this isn't a recent video.  I know how to do this; straight away, I know the ways to do this.  But no matter what I do in correctly choosing the font, font size and single line spacing, then click to apply to 'New documents based on this Template" it reverts back to Calibri 11 Double line spacing.  There's no way I am doing this wrong … it simply doesn't work for me.  If anyone comes across my lonely message and thinks they can help … then please respond to this  🙂

  2. Excellent, straight forward explanation!!! One of the best I've ever listened to. Perfect articulation of words and a beautiful voice, too! (You sound like a professional speaker, are you? Thanks for the upload. =)))

  3. @RobChrise04- Open a Word document, add all the text where you need it, then do a Save as. Choose Save As Template in the Save as Type area at the bottom under the File Name area.(Make sure this actually puts the file in the Templates folder-check up top it should say its putting it in Templates). Now, each time you want to start out with that pre-typed text….Choose File, New and it will be located under the My Templates area. Hope that helps!

  4. @mjnbabies The key to keeping the style "locked in" to the template is to choose the radio button for "New documents based on this template" while in the Modify Style dialog box prior to closing the dialog box by clicking OK. But whatever you did, seemed to work. You can go ahead and delete that blank document you saved if the style is now the default on a relaunch of Word.

  5. Okay, in order for me to keep the TNR Font, I had to save the document because when I closed word and reopened it, it went right back to Arial 12. So I followed your instructions again, and then when it prompted me to save the document, I saved it and closed word completely. I reopened Word and it looked how the way I wanted it.

  6. @mjnbabies No, you do not have to save the document in which you changed your Normal style. If you were saving a style in that particular document you would. However, since this is a change to the Normal (style) template, you do not have to save the blank document you had open.

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