Automate rounding of decimal numbers MS Excel

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When you work with numbers in MS Excel you’ll often have decimal numbers which need to be rounded off because seldom do you need a precision upto 4 0r 5 decimal places. You can achieve the round-up or round-down in a variety of ways. The method described here to automate…

41 thoughts on “Automate rounding of decimal numbers MS Excel

  1. I appreciate your work….. thanks a lot SIR.
    but there is another way for automatic round off i just got brain wave about it at mid night…today

    formula ==ROUND(IF(O23=0,0,O23),0),where 023 is cell no.


  2. Hi Mr. Dinesh Sir,

    Sir my question is

    I want to use rounding of decimal numbers in my subtotal how can i use it,

    amounting is (45,893.58)
    how can i use rounding of decimal numbers,

    I am also using number to words formula on my subtotal and i don`t want to write cents in my formula (.58)

    please sir help me in this matter.

  3. How about rounding down numbers instead of decimals. Is it possible?
    For example 288 to 280
                              53 to 50  (First digit)
    and if it is, then is it possible to add it to a formula? For example =A1*B1……
    I've found it =ROUNDDOWN(A1;-1) for first digit :)))

  4. I agree with Shradhanand Tidake; using formula =ROUND(A1,0) also determine ROUNDUP AND ROUNDDOWN amount by dragging/copying the formula down (auto-fill) as exactly you do, but using functions MOD, Ceiling and Floor is complicated and long process.

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Agreed, m just saying that while sharing such solutions lets share the alternates too. At-least the ones which are easy to remember. M sure ceiling and floor function would come handy in some complex situation.
    But i suppose automation is all about making things simple and easy to remember and understand
    Thanks 🙂 keep sharing 🙂

  6. Nice formula.
    However same thing could have been done in more simple way.
    Just use this formula instead, =ROUND(A1,0). This formula will convert the number into nearest zero decimel number. For e.g. 2.01 to 2 and 2.52 to 3

  7. Hi I want to round off the following number.. example.

    45.1 should be round off to 45
    45.2 should be round off to 45
    45.3 should be round off to 45.5
    45.4 should be round off to 45.5
    45.5 should remain its number to 45.5
    46 should also remain its number to 46
    46.1 should be round off to 46
    46.2 should be round off to 46
    46.3 should be round off to 46.5

    I hope you get the idea and you can help me.. Thank you

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