Advanced MS Word 2010 – Creating a Table of Contents – John Maloney

A John Maloney video demonstrating how to create a table of contents in MS Word 2010 using a “hands on” example. You can easily follow this video and create a wonderful table of contents for your important word documents!

14 thoughts on “Advanced MS Word 2010 – Creating a Table of Contents – John Maloney

  1. I thought the same thing. I hate doing something repetitive especially for a large document. Modifying the style is pretty simple so I don't know why he didn't include that.

  2. Instead of changing each header to bold or changing font size every single time, just do it the first time, then right click the heading you are using and click "update to match selection" – this will make your changes to them all.

  3. I agree with other post you need to use shortcut keys like contrl hm,contrl end. Why didnt you insert a section break before interting TOC. What if you dont want bold to cone into table of contents

  4. excellent excellent video
    i will definately look into more vids and courses
    life saver
    i needed to learn this asap and you made it super easy

  5. Great instructional video on TOC! Thanks. Just an FYI, pressing CTRL + Home will take you to the top of your Word document. You don't need to spin your scroll wheel. At the very least you can use the Page Up key (PgUp) to scroll up or drag the scroll bar on the left of the Word document to the top to bring your cursor to the beginning of your doc. No need to use your scroll wheel moving forward. Hope that helps.

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