Advanced Excel in Hindi Auto Salary Slip and Attendance Record

Advanced Excel in Hindi. Advance Excel Tutorials in Hindi. How to create Attendance Sheet in Excel. How to create Automatic Salary Slip in MS Excel.
How to create attractive attendance shett in MS excel.
Advanced Conditional Formatting with auto movement.
How to create attractive attendance record sheet.
Latest Attendance sheet video.

32 thoughts on “Advanced Excel in Hindi Auto Salary Slip and Attendance Record

  1. Sir, I have a file that lists the amount received by the
    company on a daily basis. In column A (date), column B (amount).My issue is to highlight the Column A (date) once a date
    is entered in the cell.???? How do I go about it?Pls advice on

  2. Dear Brother you have done very good but there is a problem still in the attendance sheet, you did not explained that how to manage a month, days wise. i mean some months are based on 30 or 31 days and 1 is based on 28 days. How to control columns based on days count?

  3. Dear Sir,
    I have seen your videos it's awesome but your voice is not clear in videos.The voice is very slow so i have a request you have to make next videos with clear sound.

  4. Ajay ji u r genius not only in knowledge but also in explaining. I think there are two area s u have to work, 1) ur voice is too low to hear it clearly. I used my earphone at full volume all the same voice was not loud enough.2) spreadsheet was not clearly visible, so please zoom in the spreadsheet while telling us any functions. I'm waiting for your next vdo eagerly.keep it up bro u will go ahead absolutely and i think u r avood person too.

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