Absolute, relative and mixed cell references in MS Excel

Using different cell reference – absolute and relative – methods you can perform powerful calculations and data analysis in Microsoft Excel.

2 thoughts on “Absolute, relative and mixed cell references in MS Excel

  1. Dear Dinesh ji, very fine explanation, thnks for that. Still I've a problem. Im a shopkeeper and m in great trouble. Please help me:

    In your calculation sheet, if I insert one row before row 3, then the value in cell F-8 change to 0(zero) in place of 6 (six) because the cell C-3 has now zero value. Actually, I want cell F-8 should not break its relation with cell C-3(4%) despite I insert a row or rows before cell C-3 and it should automatically follow the same reference of previous cell C-3 i.e 4% which has been now shifted to cell C-4.
    How can I make cell F-8 understand to calculate the same value of cell C-3 even if it shifts to cell C-4, C-5 or C-6 due to inserting some row or rows.

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